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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Norman and Paul convince their father to do the next day?
(a) Give an unpopular sermon
(b) Take their mother shopping
(c) Go fishing with them
(d) Begin painting the house

2. Who in the family becomes an expert fisherman?
(a) Mrs. Maclean
(b) Norman
(c) Paul
(d) Mr. Maclean

3. Norman and Paul's father is as passionate about _____________________ as he is about religion.
(a) metal detecting
(b) cooking
(c) fly fishing
(d) stamp collecting

4. What does Jessie encourage Norman to do with the answer to #22?
(a) Take him to a ballgame.
(b) Take him to the country club.
(c) Take him to a local bar.
(d) Take him to church.

5. What does Norman do after he takes Paul and his girlfriend back to Paul's house?
(a) He goes to his own home.
(b) He goes out to get food to fix breakfast for all of them
(c) He fixes a pot of coffee.
(d) He berates Paul for bad behavior.

Short Answer Questions

1. The characters are _____________________.

2. The story is an _________________ one.

3. What happens to humiliate Paul?

4. Why are Jessie and her mother tending to Jessie's brother?

5. Who arrives at the train station a few days later?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Norman not remain to fish with Neal?

2. How does Norman react to Neal's arrival a few days later?

3. What is Norman's reaction to the phone call?

4. On what is the story based?

5. Where do Norman and Paul escape from Norman's family problems a few days later?

6. Neal declares that he wants to fish but what does he do instead?

7. What is the occupation of Norman and Paul's father?

8. What do Norman's wife and mother-in-law finally realize about Neal?

9. What is Reverend Maclean's second passion after religion?

10. Who goes on the fishing trip the next morning?

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