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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jim complain to the cooks about?
(a) That they never have pork.
(b) That they do not serve pie for breakfast
(c) That they always burn the stew
(d) That the portions are not big enough

2. Why does Norman accept the invitation?
(a) Because his mother tells him to do it
(b) Because he does not have anything better to do
(c) Out of politeness
(d) Because he is curious about Jim's house

3. What does Jim never eat at breakfast?
(a) bacon
(b) pie
(c) eggs
(d) toast

4. What does Norman feel Jim is doing all summer?
(a) Improving his reading skills
(b) Trying to improve his social standing
(c) Waging an undeclared war
(d) Working on his upper body strength

5. How does Jim abuse men?
(a) He hits them on the jaw.
(b) He engages in power struggles all the time.
(c) He picks fights.
(d) He flirts with their wives.

6. Why does this affair especially anger Norman?
(a) Norman had wanted to date the woman.
(b) Jim flaunts his affair to the men in camp.
(c) The woman is half Jim's age.
(d) The woman is a friend of Norman's family.

7. What is the subject of Jim's latest brags?
(a) A one-month European vacation
(b) A new boat he has bought
(c) A deer he had hunted and killed
(d) Jim's conquest of a large woman

8. What does Norman take away from his experience with Jim?
(a) How to avoid competition in personal relationships
(b) How to cook Shrimp Scampi
(c) How to be a good pimp
(d) How to split a log

9. How does Norman feel about Jim after the affair?
(a) He is amazed that Jim could attract a beautiful woman.
(b) He knows that it takes two to have an affair.
(c) He hates Jim all the more.
(d) He thinks Jim is always going to behave this way.

10. What does Jim not ask Norman to do?
(a) Lend him money
(b) Go on vacation with him
(c) Be his partner again
(d) Date his ex-wife

11. To whom does Jim introduce Norman?
(a) His mother and father
(b) His old boss and his wife
(c) His ex-wife and kids
(d) Two women who work for Jim

12. How old is Norman when he first meets Jim?
(a) Twenty-seven
(b) In his early twenties
(c) Seventeen
(d) Thirty

13. What form is the final communication Norman receives from Jim?
(a) A short note
(b) A fax
(c) An e-mail
(d) A long letter

14. How is Jim built?
(a) He has really long arms.
(b) He is a large man.
(c) He has a beer belly.
(d) He is tall and lanky.

15. In what subject does Norman learn lessons during his experience with Jim?
(a) Human nature
(b) Accounting
(c) Geology
(d) Botany

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jim abuse women?

2. Jim is a big talker and always brags about _____________________.

3. How does Jim insist on staying in contact with Norman?

4. Why does Norman agree to gyppo instead of work for wages?

5. What happens a few days later?

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