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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Norman agree to do with Jim?
(a) Take a vacation
(b) Go into business together
(c) Have a drink
(d) Move in together

2. How does Jim get Norman's contact information?
(a) From Norman's former girlfriend
(b) From Norman's family
(c) From Norman's last employer
(d) From the school

3. What does Norman feel Jim is doing all summer?
(a) Waging an undeclared war
(b) Working on his upper body strength
(c) Improving his reading skills
(d) Trying to improve his social standing

4. How does Norman meet Jim Grierson?
(a) They are college roommates.
(b) They spent a summer logging in the woods on the Blackfoot River.
(c) They are pen pals.
(d) They grew up together.

5. How do the two men eventually work together?
(a) In silence
(b) As strangers
(c) As little as possible
(d) As longtime partners

6. What happens to ruin this good feeling?
(a) He watches the evening news.
(b) He has to return to camp and encounter Jim again.
(c) He reads the evening paper.
(d) He reads his mail which is mostly bills.

7. How does Norman feel when the communications from Jim stop coming?
(a) Happy
(b) Sad
(c) Angry
(d) Relieved

8. How does Jim abuse men?
(a) He hits them on the jaw.
(b) He engages in power struggles all the time.
(c) He flirts with their wives.
(d) He picks fights.

9. How soon does Norman regret his decision about Jim?
(a) Three weeks later
(b) One month later
(c) Six months later
(d) Immediately

10. What does Norman fear about an encounter with Jim?
(a) That Norman would not win in a fistfight with Jim.
(b) That Norman will run away in fear.
(c) That Jim could outtalk Norman any day.
(d) That Jim would challenge Norman to a fight.

11. What does Jim invite Norman to do?
(a) Go out for a couple beers
(b) Have dinner at Norman's home
(c) Take a road trip
(d) Go to a ballgame

12. What does Jim brag about over dinner one night?
(a) His new car
(b) His girls
(c) His physical strength
(d) His house

13. Why does Norman agree to gyppo instead of work for wages?
(a) He enjoys working outside.
(b) He has never tried it before.
(c) He thinks he can make more money that way.
(d) He has an entrepreneurial streak.

14. What does Jim never eat at breakfast?
(a) bacon
(b) pie
(c) eggs
(d) toast

15. What does Jim do that Norman finds it difficult to maintain?
(a) Jim increases the rhythm of their sawing.
(b) Jim trains for a marathon.
(c) Jim does 100 push-ups each morning.
(d) Jim increases his vocabulary lessons.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Norman feel about Jim after the affair?

2. Why does Jim gravitate toward Norman?

3. Jim's stories bore Norman to the point of ___________________.

4. Why does Norman accept the invitation?

5. Which men does Jim especially pick on in camp?

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