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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What form is the final communication Norman receives from Jim?
(a) A short note
(b) A long letter
(c) An e-mail
(d) A fax

2. What does Norman agree to do with Jim?
(a) Move in together
(b) Go into business together
(c) Have a drink
(d) Take a vacation

3. In what area of Montana do Jim and Norman work?
(a) The Missouri River area
(b) The Yellowstone River area
(c) The Bitterroot River area
(d) The Blackfoot River area

4. How does Norman end each day?
(a) Ready for a couple beers
(b) Wishing it were Friday
(c) Preparing for the next day
(d) Sick with exhaustion

5. Why does this affair especially anger Norman?
(a) The woman is half Jim's age.
(b) Jim flaunts his affair to the men in camp.
(c) The woman is a friend of Norman's family.
(d) Norman had wanted to date the woman.

6. Eventually how does Norman come to feel about Jim?
(a) He can take him or leave him.
(b) He considers him like a brother.
(c) He is his best friend.
(d) He hates him.

7. In what subject does Norman learn lessons during his experience with Jim?
(a) Human nature
(b) Accounting
(c) Geology
(d) Botany

8. Why does Norman refuse to complain to Jim about his sawing?
(a) Because Jim will fire him
(b) Because Jim will call him names
(c) Because Jim will think he has won some unspoken war
(d) Because Jim will think he is a cry baby

9. What else does Jim gloat about?
(a) The vacation he is going to take
(b) How much money he made this year
(c) Logging and the work he hopes to do next summer
(d) How beautiful his ex-wife is

10. How soon does Norman regret his decision about Jim?
(a) Three weeks later
(b) Six months later
(c) Immediately
(d) One month later

11. Why does Norman agree to gyppo instead of work for wages?
(a) He enjoys working outside.
(b) He has never tried it before.
(c) He thinks he can make more money that way.
(d) He has an entrepreneurial streak.

12. What does Jim eventually consider Norman to be?
(a) A business partner
(b) An enemy
(c) A shrewd poker player
(d) A friend

13. What effect does this work style have on the two men?
(a) They are anxious to come to work each day.
(b) It is stressful and nerve wracking.
(c) It is very pleasant.
(d) It is the best situation either one has ever experienced.

14. To whom does Jim introduce Norman?
(a) His mother and father
(b) His old boss and his wife
(c) Two women who work for Jim
(d) His ex-wife and kids

15. Jim is a big talker and always brags about _____________________.
(a) his new car
(b) his bank account
(c) his girlfriend
(d) his winter job

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Norman meet Jim Grierson?

2. What else does Jim do during the winter?

3. How do the two men eventually work together?

4. How does Jim abuse men?

5. Which men does Jim especially pick on in camp?

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