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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Norman feel when the communications from Jim stop coming?
(a) Happy
(b) Angry
(c) Relieved
(d) Sad

2. Eventually how does Norman come to feel about Jim?
(a) He hates him.
(b) He can take him or leave him.
(c) He is his best friend.
(d) He considers him like a brother.

3. What does Jim not ask Norman to do?
(a) Date his ex-wife
(b) Lend him money
(c) Be his partner again
(d) Go on vacation with him

4. What else does Jim do during the winter?
(a) He works on cars.
(b) He reads voraciously.
(c) He rehabs old houses.
(d) He volunteers at a homeless center.

5. What happens by the end of the summer?
(a) Norman and Jim decide to room together.
(b) Norman agrees to work with Jim next summer.
(c) Norman and Jim have a huge fight.
(d) Norman and Jim decide never to talk to each other again.

6. What does Jim eventually consider Norman to be?
(a) A shrewd poker player
(b) A friend
(c) An enemy
(d) A business partner

7. Why does Norman refuse to complain to Jim about his sawing?
(a) Because Jim will fire him
(b) Because Jim will think he is a cry baby
(c) Because Jim will call him names
(d) Because Jim will think he has won some unspoken war

8. What does Jim do during the winter months?
(a) Takes college classes
(b) Teaches at a trade school
(c) Takes a vacation
(d) Pimps prostitutes

9. How is Jim built?
(a) He is a large man.
(b) He has a beer belly.
(c) He is tall and lanky.
(d) He has really long arms.

10. How do the two men eventually work together?
(a) As longtime partners
(b) In silence
(c) As strangers
(d) As little as possible

11. What does Jim force Norman to do?
(a) Listen to his pimping stories
(b) Chug mugs of beer
(c) Pay his rent
(d) Loan him money

12. What does Norman think of this last bit of information?
(a) Jim needs to include some pictures for Norman to believe it.
(b) Jim has finally found something which got the better of him.
(c) Jim must be lying again.
(d) Jim's ego is very small to continually behave this way.

13. Why does Jim gravitate toward Norman?
(a) He senses someone who can keep up with him.
(b) He knows Norman's family.
(c) Norman beat him at arm wrestling.
(d) He has respect for college men.

14. How does Norman try to avoid altercations with Jim?
(a) He works on alternate days.
(b) He tries to stay out of his way.
(c) He keeps a cool head.
(d) He does not speak to Jim.

15. What does Norman agree to do with Jim?
(a) Go into business together
(b) Have a drink
(c) Take a vacation
(d) Move in together

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Jim have an affair?

2. To whom does Jim introduce Norman?

3. How soon does Norman regret his decision about Jim?

4. What does Jim complain to the cooks about?

5. In what area of Montana do Jim and Norman work?

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