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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The story is an _________________ one.
(a) elegant
(b) awkward
(c) unbelievable
(d) emotional

2. How does Norman get the news?
(a) In a phone call in the middle of the night
(b) By messenger
(c) By telegram
(d) By letter

3. Who is clearly Mrs. Maclean's favorite person?
(a) Norman
(b) Paul
(c) Neal
(d) Mr. Maclean

4. What is the name of Norman's brother-in-law?
(a) Neal
(b) Robert
(c) James
(d) Alan

5. What does Norman ask Paul?
(a) If he needs any help paying for the damage done in the bar fight
(b) If he will be the godfather to his new son
(c) If he will lend him some money
(d) If he brought any beer to the picnic

6. What do the brothers and their father do at the end of the day?
(a) Spread out the fish they have caught and take pictures
(b) Hike along the riverbank
(c) Go to the bar for a few drinks
(d) Grab some dinner before returning home

7. Who arrives at the train station a few days later?
(a) Neal
(b) Robert
(c) Clay
(d) Martin

8. Norman and Paul's father is as passionate about _____________________ as he is about religion.
(a) stamp collecting
(b) metal detecting
(c) cooking
(d) fly fishing

9. What is Norman's brother-in-law's major problem?
(a) He is going through a divorce.
(b) He has lost his job.
(c) He is an alcoholic.
(d) He does not have any money.

10. Who never speaks of the tragedy?
(a) Mrs. Maclean
(b) Jessie
(c) Neal's mother
(d) Neal

11. What is notable about Old Rawhide's derriere?
(a) She has a big birthmark.
(b) She is in great shape.
(c) She has a huge bruise.
(d) She has a tattoo on it.

12. What do Neal and Old Rawhide want to do with Norman and Paul?
(a) play cards
(b) go fishing
(c) go to the movies
(d) race cars

13. What does Jessie encourage Norman to do with the answer to #22?
(a) Take him to the country club.
(b) Take him to church.
(c) Take him to a local bar.
(d) Take him to a ballgame.

14. Who has asked Norman to help his brother-in-law?
(a) His mother
(b) His mother-in-law
(c) His wife
(d) His father

15. Where do Norman and Paul fish?
(a) The Colorado River
(b) The Mississippi River
(c) The Missouri River
(d) The Blackfoot River

Short Answer Questions

1. One day when Norman and Paul are fishing, Neal arrives with a woman named Old Rawhide that he met ___________________.

2. What fact do the men not realize at the end of this day?

3. Who in the family becomes an expert fisherman?

4. Why do Paul and Norman stop fishing to return to the others?

5. The next morning Paul arrives at Norman's house to _________________________________________.

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