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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Logging and Pimping and 'Your Pal, Jim'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Jim have an affair?
(a) Someone he met in a bar
(b) A highly respected local woman
(c) His ex-wife
(d) An old flame

2. How does Jim abuse men?
(a) He hits them on the jaw.
(b) He picks fights.
(c) He flirts with their wives.
(d) He engages in power struggles all the time.

3. How does Norman end each day?
(a) Sick with exhaustion
(b) Wishing it were Friday
(c) Ready for a couple beers
(d) Preparing for the next day

4. Why does Norman refuse to complain to Jim about his sawing?
(a) Because Jim will think he has won some unspoken war
(b) Because Jim will fire him
(c) Because Jim will call him names
(d) Because Jim will think he is a cry baby

5. One day when Norman and Paul are fishing, Neal arrives with a woman named Old Rawhide that he met ___________________.
(a) at a bar
(b) at a seminar
(c) at church
(d) at the country club

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Norman and Paul get a late start the next morning?

2. How does Norman meet Jim Grierson?

3. The characters are _____________________.

4. How does Jim insist on staying in contact with Norman?

5. What does Norman fear about an encounter with Jim?

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