A River Runs Through It Multiple Choice Test Questions

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A River Runs Through It

1. This story is based on ________________.
(a) local legends
(b) rumors
(c) myths
(d) real-life experiences

2. The characters are _____________________.
(a) larger than life
(b) fictional
(c) jealous of each other
(d) not very believable

3. The story is an _________________ one.
(a) awkward
(b) elegant
(c) unbelievable
(d) emotional

4. What profession does Norman and Paul's father have?
(a) Episcopalian minister
(b) Presbyterian minister
(c) Methodist minister
(d) Jewish rabbi

5. Norman and Paul's father is as passionate about _____________________ as he is about religion.
(a) fly fishing
(b) stamp collecting
(c) metal detecting
(d) cooking

6. What does Norman and Paul's father do with them?
(a) Gives them driving lessons
(b) Teaches them the proper techniques of fly fishing
(c) Shows them how to change the oil in the car
(d) Teaches them to play poker

7. Who in the family becomes an expert fisherman?
(a) Mrs. Maclean
(b) Paul
(c) Mr. Maclean
(d) Norman

8. Who in the family remains an average fisherman?
(a) Paul
(b) Mrs. Maclean
(c) Mr. Maclean
(d) Norman

9. Where do Norman and Paul fish?
(a) The Missouri River
(b) The Mississippi River
(c) The Colorado River
(d) The Blackfoot River

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