A River Runs Through It Fun Activities

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Watch the Movie

In 1992, the story A River Runs Through It was made into a major motion picture. Watch the film and compare and contrast it to the story.

Travel Montana

Plan an imaginary trip to Montana and visit the places noted in Maclean's three stories. Document your itinerary on a map with callouts of important stops and destinations.

Fly Fishing

Research the sport of fly fishing and try it out if you live in a suitable geographic location.

What's in Norman's Backpack?

Imagine that you are helping Norman pack for his two-week job as lookout on the mountaintop. What would you include for him and why?

Maclean or Hemingway?

Maclean's topics of fishing and nature closely mirror those of Ernest Hemingway's. Do some research on Hemingway's work and compare and contrast Maclean and Hemingway both in content and style.

Who wants pie?

In Logging and Pimping and...

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