A River Runs Through It Character Descriptions

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Norman Maclean

This character is the writer of these stories as well as the main character.

Paul Maclean

This character appears in A River Runs Through It and is Norman's brother.

The Reverend and Mrs. Maclean

These characters are main character's parents.


This character is Norman's wife and only appears in A River Runs Through It, even though she is briefly mentioned in one of the other stories.


This character is Jessie's brother, Norman's brother-in-law.

Old Rawhide

This character is a drunk whom Neal hooks up with when he comes to town.

Jim Grierson

This character is a lumberjack whom Norman meets while working during the summer.

Bill Bell

This character is a Ranger for the Forest Service.

The Cook

This character is a card shark who works as a cook with the Forest Service the year Norman is seventeen.

Mr. Smith, Mr. McBride, the Redhead, and the Canadian

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