A River Runs Through It Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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A River Runs Through It

• Norman and Paul Maclean are two brothers living in Montana.

• Norman and Paul's father is a Presbyterian minister.

• The Macleans are devotees of fly fishing in the Blackfoot River area.

• Norman and Paul get along very well in spite of their differences.
• Norman asks Paul to take Norman's brother-in-law, Neal, fishing.

• Norman does not like Neal but Norman's mother-in-law hopes that Norman and Paul can help Neal.

• Neal is an alcoholic with no purpose or direction in his life.
• One day Norman and Paul go fishing.

• Norman makes plans to stay at Paul's home for the night.

• Norman is awakened by a call from the police sergeant.

• Norman goes to the jail to bail out Paul who got into a bar fight.

• Norman takes Paul home and leaves for his own home.
• Norman, his wife, Jessie, and his mother-in-law meet Neal at the...

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