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Robert Goolrick
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 - Wisconsin, Winter into Spring, 1908 - Chapters 19 and 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The diamond ring that Ralph gave Catherine looked like which type of flower?
(a) Rose.
(b) Daisy.
(c) Iris.
(d) Tulip.

2. What color is the small bottle that Catherine pays attention to while unpacking?
(a) Green.
(b) Blue.
(c) Amber.
(d) Clear.

3. Which of the following is NOT something Ralph had meant to be in his life?
(a) Professor.
(b) Art collector.
(c) Poet.
(d) Father.

4. Who was the father of Emilia's son?
(a) A piano teacher.
(b) A ranch hand.
(c) A sculptor.
(d) Charles.

5. What does Antonio tell Catherine he has lost when he stops at her table?
(a) A ring.
(b) His hat.
(c) A stickpin.
(d) A coin purse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ralph's condition when they arrive home?

2. Catherine notes that there are no _________________ in Ralph's house.

3. What does Catherine do as she rides in the train on the way to her destination?

4. What does Antonio threaten to do if Catherine will not kill Ralph?

5. What is Antonio wearing during the time Catherine and the investigators meet with him?

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