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Robert Goolrick
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 - St. Louis, Winter, 1908 - Chapters 10, 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year does the novel begin?
(a) 1907.
(b) 1899.
(c) 1918.
(d) 1865.

2. What did Ralph's mother do to show him how much hell can hurt?
(a) Stuck a needle through his hand.
(b) Refused to feed him for two days.
(c) Made him stand shoeless in the snow for an hour.
(d) Burned him with a candle.

3. Who is Catherine?
(a) Ralph's first wife.
(b) Ralph's mail order bride.
(c) Ralph's housekeeper.
(d) Ralph's sister.

4. The photograph sent to Ralph from his new bride shows a woman who appears to be ____________________.
(a) Stunningly beautiful.
(b) Very voluptuous.
(c) Quite plain.
(d) Sweetly pleasant.

5. What did Ralph tell Antonio about his mother?
(a) She drowned.
(b) She broke her neck in a fall.
(c) She died in a fire.
(d) She moved back to Italy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Catherine says that she learned how to stitch wounds by __________________________.

2. What is Antonio wearing during the time Catherine and the investigators meet with him?

3. What is Catherine's plan for after she gets all of Ralph's money?

4. How did Ralph's daughter die?

5. What is Ralph's condition when they arrive home?

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