Objects & Places from A Reliable Wife

Robert Goolrick
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This American state, located in the upper Midwest near the Great Lakes, is the setting for much of the novel's action. The pressures of its climate and isolation are primary factors in the mindset of many of the background characters.

The Wisconsin Winter

This long, cold, and dark season is an important contextual trigger for the undercurrent of madness that threads its way through the novel's background action.

Truitt's House

This is the house where Catherine is brought as a new bride and strikes her on first glance as surprisingly appealing.

The Italian House

In order to please his first wife, Truitt spends a fortune designing and building a home for her on his estate.

The Secret Garden

While the Italian house was being designed and built, Emilia asked for and received this abundant area complete with fruit trees, statuary, and multitudes of flowers, hidden by tall...

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