A Reliable Wife Character Descriptions

Robert Goolrick
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Ralph Truitt

He is a middle-aged businessman who is portrayed as a man who has struggled to lock the pain and suffering of his past, as well as what he sees as his depraved sexual drives, deep inside himself, disconnecting himself from feelings, dreams, and hope.

Catherine Land

She is a woman in her early thirties who lived a life of desperation for many years, having to resort to begging, thieving, prostitution, and larceny simply to survive.


He was born out of an affair his mother had with her piano teacher.

Truitt's Parents

His businessman father and religiously conservative mother shaped his childhood with firm hands, and in doing so shaped his adulthood as well.


Penniless and greedy, she and her parents agree that she should marry a man for his money but she ends up taking advantage of him and is thrown out of the...

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