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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bird see standing at the windows of the hospital?
(a) Nurses.
(b) Pregnant women.
(c) Physicians.
(d) Visitors.

2. What does an outspoken student do when Bird dismisses class early?
(a) Shouts out attacks.
(b) Offers to take Bird home.
(c) Withdraws from class.
(d) Informs the administration.

3. When does the doctor want Bird to return to the hospital?
(a) Next week.
(b) Tomorrow.
(c) This afternoon.
(d) Tonight.

4. Where did Bird get a job when he left graduate school?
(a) Starbucks.
(b) A cram school.
(c) A newspaper.
(d) A political office.

5. What is Bird afraid of losing now that his child is here?
(a) His career.
(b) His time.
(c) His sense of identity.
(d) His money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the weather like as Bird takes on the gang?

2. What does Bird notice about one of the doctors?

3. Bird gives up on the bus and get to Hamiko's room via ________________.

4. To Bird, the baby represents __________________.

5. What is the dark continent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What word does Delchef write in the dictionary for Bird and what is its significance?

2. What does Bird name the baby and how does Himiko know the name?

3. What is important foreshadowing regarding the tests of strength and Bird's encounter with the gang?

4. What does Bird notice about the women watching from the windows of the maternity hospital?

5. What is Bird doing at the beginning of A PERSONAL MATTER? What is going on with Bird's wife and how does Bird think his life will soon change?

6. How have Himiko's feelings about Bird evolved over the last few days?

7. How is sex and sexuality a means for Bird to avoid responsibility?

8. What is Bird's state of mind at the beginning of the book and what does the first chapter signify for his life?

9. What are some of the negative and positive reminders that Bird receives about the possibilities for his future?

10. What role does Himiko and her comfort with her own sexuality play in helping Bird in his journey of transformation?

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