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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The doctor thinks the baby and the parents __________________________.
(a) would be better off if the baby were dead.
(b) will come through this trial just fine.
(c) look a lot alike.
(d) need a lot of emotional support.

2. Bird compares the baby's situation to ______________________.
(a) an angel.
(b) a saint.
(c) a miner.
(d) a wounded war hero.

3. What is the baby's prognosis?
(a) He is brain dead.
(b) He will never be normal.
(c) He will die within a week.
(d) He will grow out of the condition.

4. For what does Bird ask a sales clerk?
(a) Tangerines.
(b) Road maps of Africa.
(c) Blue shirts.
(d) Motor oil.

5. The Director of the hospital asks Bird if he would like to see ___________________.
(a) the surgical suite.
(b) the maternity ward.
(c) the blood bank.
(d) the goods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What puts Bird in a good mood?

2. Who is the central character of the book?

3. What kind of book is Bird looking at as the novel begins?

4. Where does Bird go with the doctor to take the baby?

5. What games does Bird try after talking to his mother-in-law?

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