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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 and 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bird unexpectedly do after work?
(a) He buys a ticket to Africa.
(b) He resigns.
(c) He runs away with Himiko.
(d) He buys a new car.

2. Delchef thinks that Bird is being ___________________ about the situation with the baby.
(a) selfish.
(b) practical.
(c) frugal.
(d) wise.

3. It is _______________ that Bird uses sex to avoid responsibility but it is sex that ultimately allows him to take responsibility.
(a) metaphoric.
(b) symbolic.
(c) antagonistic.
(d) ironic.

4. Surgery will be performed on Bird's baby to ______________________.
(a) straighten his legs.
(b) fix a heart defect.
(c) put the brain back in the head.
(d) put in ear tubes.

5. What is known about the person in #79?
(a) He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
(b) He is taking a sabbatical.
(c) He has recently moved in with a Japanese girl.
(d) He has recently moved to America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bird compares the baby's situation to ______________________.

2. What condition does the new baby have?

3. When Bird arrives at school, he learns that he has a meeting with _________________ after class.

4. A student offers to help Bird get a job as a ________________.

5. The next day at the hospital, Bird is assured by the baby's doctor that the "crisis" will occur __________________.

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