A Personal Matter Character Descriptions

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Bird - He is the novel's central character and narration describes him with a beakish face, rounded belly and croaky voice.

Himiko - Shr is Bird's former girlfriend, the young woman with whom he had his first sexual experience and to whom he turns in his desperation to escape the demanding influences of his life.

Bird's Baby - This character is officially unnamed until the narrative's final moments and has a portion of his brain outside his body.

Bird's Wife - She is unnamed throughout the narrative and is referred to several times but only actually appears once.

Bird's Mother-in-law, the Professor - The parents of Bird's wife are also unnamed, and also seem to embody archetypal aspects of their role in Bird's life.

The Hairy Director, the One-Eyed Obstetrician, the Pediatric - They are the primary figures involved in the medical care of Bird's baby.


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