A Million Little Pieces Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Frey
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Chapter 1

• James wakes up on a plane with a number of injuries and is unsure how he got them and how he got on the plane.

• James' parents meet him at the airport, worried about his condition.

• James retreats from his parents and drinks until he blacks out.

Chapter 2

• James' family checks him into a rehab clinic.

• James admits to the nurse the amount and kinds of drugs he has used.

• James begins to go through the detoxification process.

Chapter 3

• Heavily medicated, James goes to the TV room.

• James passes out when another man tries to take him out of the chair.

• James meets with Dr. Baker, who helps him with his wounds.

• James can not have any pain medication while he is being stitched up.

• While in line for sedation medication, James meets Lilly.

Chapter 4

• James wakes up, becoming violently ill.

• James is moved from the Medical...

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