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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nellie advise Howard to do regarding Alice?
(a) Get her mind off the tragedy.
(b) Have her move out of town.
(c) Divorce her.
(d) Give her time to recover.

2. Alice is sure that God could not let __________________.
(a) A tornado destroy the town.
(b) Howard leave her.
(c) A toddler die.
(d) Emma have leukemia.

3. Nellie's money always comes to Alice and Howard _______________________.
(a) Unconditionally.
(b) Via a money order.
(c) In the form of a check.
(d) With strings attached.

4. Howard urges Alice to bear up for _____________________.
(a) Their marriage.
(b) Public appearances.
(c) The sake of their daughters.
(d) Her own self esteem.

5. Where does Alice work?
(a) Blackwell Elementary.
(b) Starbucks.
(c) Racine Medical Center.
(d) The Gap.

6. How many felony counts does Alice face?
(a) 5.
(b) 10.
(c) 13.
(d) 20.

7. About what does Howard try to assure Alice?
(a) That she is still beautiful.
(b) That she has the talent to play piano.
(c) That she will get the new job.
(d) That no one blames her for Lizzy's death.

8. Who is the principal of Blackwell Elementary?
(a) Marty Caskey.
(b) Gus Gilbert.
(c) Steve Jacoby.
(d) David Henskin.

9. What does Susannah Brooks do when Howard asks her to watch the girls?
(a) Curses at him.
(b) Quotes scripture to him.
(c) Agrees to help.
(d) Slams down the phone.

10. Alice feels that she and Theresa are friends just like two characters in which classic television show?
(a) The Dick Van Dyke Show.
(b) All in the Family.
(c) Leave it to Beaver.
(d) Bewitched.

11. Which of the following is NOT covered in a letter Alice sends to Howard and the girls?
(a) Hygiene.
(b) Laundry.
(c) Cooking.
(d) Allowances.

12. How old was Alice when her mother died?
(a) 3.
(b) 19.
(c) 8.
(d) 15.

13. When does the enormity of Lizzy's death hit Howard?
(a) In front of her coffin.
(b) While tucking his daughters in at night.
(c) While doing his farmwork.
(d) In the middle of the night.

14. How can Alice be characterized?
(a) Sullen.
(b) Low self-esteem.
(c) Philanthropic.
(d) Self-actualizing.

15. What does Alice make Howard promise he will not do?
(a) Leave the girls with Nellie.
(b) Bring the girls to the jail.
(c) Sell the car.
(d) Divorce her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Collins' remaining daughter?

2. What does Alice do when the police arrive to arrest her?

3. Alice has to attend a school board meeting to discuss ______________________.

4. What does Howard want to throw at Miss Bowman when he picks up the girls?

5. Why had Alice had a confrontation with Mrs. Mackessy?

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