A Map of the World Character Descriptions

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Alice (née Gardner) Goodwin

The 32-year-old narrator of Parts 1 and 3 of A MAP OF THE WORLD, she is married and is the mother of two young daughters.

Howard Goodwin

He is a poetical and philosophical farmer who rises early and works hard all day raising Golden Guernsey cows for their color and the sound of their name as much as for their high butterfat content.

Theresa Collins

She is a part-time mental health counselor with a round, cutely-dimpled face, black, curly hair, octagonal glasses often halfway down her nose, and translucent, lightly-freckled Irish skin.

Miss Bowman

A scrawny, gray-haired woman who raises chickens and terriers, she passes out Jehovah's Witnesses tracts and has something wrong with her right eye.

Sandy Brickman

The real estate agent who is assigned to sell Howard Goodwin's farm, she totters over the uneven farmland in high heels and scowls at the dilapidated...

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