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Michelle Duggar
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Michelle say was the inevitable reaction whenever she left the house for the hospital each morning?
(a) That she'd need to pray for strength to make the journey.
(b) That one of the younger children would cry.
(c) That she'd forget something.
(d) That the hospital would call as she was leaving the house.

2. Why was Jim Bob told Michelle needed to be transferred to another hospital?
(a) To have better doctors available.
(b) Her insurance wouldn't cover a delivery at Mercy.
(c) She needed a c-section and that couldn't be done at Mercy.
(d) To have a neonatal unit available.

3. Of the eighteen children in the Duggar family in 2009, how many were boys?
(a) Eight.
(b) Four.
(c) Seven.
(d) Six.

4. How long were the Duggars in Little Rock?
(a) More than seven months.
(b) More than thirteen weeks.
(c) More than nine weeks.
(d) More than a year.

5. What did Jim Bob do to make a living?
(a) Pastored a church.
(b) Was a politician.
(c) Operated a real estate business.
(d) Ran a wrecking yard.

6. How did the Duggars come to make the decision not to have television?
(a) They couldn't afford it and discovered they didn't miss it.
(b) They were challenged to do without it for a year.
(c) They couldn't tolerate the language.
(d) They hated the programming that was available.

7. What was the crisis Alicia Dennis was dealing with at the time of Josie's birth?
(a) Her father was having surgery for a tumor.
(b) Her son had been struck by a car while riding his bike.
(c) Her four-year-old daughter was having seizures.
(d) Her husband had been in a car wreck.

8. What was the crisis that prompted Josie to be transferred to Arkansas Children's Hospital?
(a) A perforated bowel.
(b) Fluid on her brain.
(c) Fluid on her heart.
(d) An aneurysm.

9. Why did Jessa return to the family home while the rest of the family remained in Little Rock where Josie was hospitalized?
(a) To keep an appointment with the orthodontist.
(b) To keep a promise to spend time with friends.
(c) To keep an appointment for a recital.
(d) She had mono and the doctors didn't want her near Josie.

10. Where was Mercy Hospital?
(a) Rogers.
(b) Little Rock.
(c) Joplin.
(d) Springdale.

11. What were the elements in play when Jim Bob created a "poor man's slide and swimming pool"?
(a) Plastic sheeting, a back hoe, and dish washing liquid.
(b) A large wading pool and a slide.
(c) Plastic sheeting and a pond.
(d) A pond and an inflatible slide.

12. What did Jim Bob say was the inevitable response when one stands up for what's right?
(a) Becoming the target of the media.
(b) Becoming open to criticism.
(c) Becoming labeled an extremist.
(d) Becoming labeled a liberal.

13. What was the disease that struck Jim Bob's father?
(a) Congestive heart failure.
(b) Kidney failure.
(c) Rheumatoid arthritis.
(d) A tumor.

14. What is the musical instrument Jill played?
(a) The piano.
(b) The harp.
(c) The violyn.
(d) The flute.

15. How much did Josie weigh the day she was allowed to leave the hospital?
(a) Three and a quarter pounds.
(b) Five and three-quarters pounds.
(c) Seven pounts.
(d) Four and a half pounds.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Josie before the entire Duggar family was reunited in Springdale?

2. What was Michelle's goal with regard to Josie's feeding schedule?

3. What was the security provided for the Duggar children on their trip?

4. What did Michelle say she considers the meetings with people who have come to know the Duggar family through the television show?

5. What did Jim Bob say was his first reaction when he read the newspaper article he considered unfair?

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