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Ishmael Beah
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sierra Leone been a British colony since what year?
(a) 1808.
(b) 1814.
(c) 1794.
(d) 1782.

2. Why wouldn't the families who had walked to Ishmael's village stay there?
(a) They had family to stay with.
(b) They wanted to leave the country.
(c) They were sick and looking for a hospital.
(d) They knew the war was coming to his village.

3. What rank was Ishmael given at the end of Chapter 14?
(a) Junior sergeant.
(b) Junior private.
(c) Junior colonel.
(d) Junior lieutenant.

4. In Chapter 8, how far did wild pigs chase Ishmael before he could climb a tree?
(a) 1/2 mile.
(b) 1/4 mile.
(c) 3/4 mile.
(d) 1/3 mile.

5. During the second dry season of Ishmael's war years, how often did they stop during a three-day journey to a village they wanted to take over?
(a) Four times a day.
(b) Once a day.
(c) Twice a day.
(d) Three times a day.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 7, how many homes were burned?

2. In Chapter 5, how old was the man caught crossing a bridge into the village?

3. Where was Ismael injured that caused him to be carried in a hammock for help?

4. Near the end of Chapter 14, when might the boys leave for war?

5. When Ishmael and his brother returned to his grandmother's village, what type of vehicle did a man drive up with his dead family inside?

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