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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Kirsten decide to move to in this chapter?
(a) New York
(b) Los Angeles
(c) Chicago
(d) San Francisco

2. Where does Dave eventually find Toph waiting for him?
(a) At home
(b) The hotel lobby
(c) The hotel carpark
(d) The hotel garden

3. What show is Adam rich on?
(a) Wheel of Fortune
(b) The Simpsons
(c) Eight is Enough
(d) Jeopardy

4. What problems does Might magazine have in this chapter?
(a) They have missed their deadline
(b) Their office has been robbed
(c) They are being kicked out of their office
(d) They have lost their main contributer

5. What woman comes to town in this chapter?
(a) Beth
(b) Sarah
(c) Sari
(d) Kirsten

6. Where do Sari and Dave go?
(a) Dave's house
(b) A restaurant
(c) A cafe
(d) Sari's hotel

7. What does Dave deny being?
(a) A figure of fun
(b) A depressive
(c) Unhappy
(d) A spoiled, rich child

8. In what city has Beth taken a job?
(a) New York
(b) Chicago
(c) Los Angeles
(d) San Francisco

9. What kind of flag did a boy have up in his window in Dave's neighborhood?
(a) An EU flag
(b) A French flag
(c) A Confederate flag
(d) A Union Jack

10. How does the Might magazine claim Rich has been killed?
(a) Accident
(b) Cancer
(c) Murdered
(d) Suicide

11. What is Dave too sick to do in this chapter?
(a) Watch videos
(b) Make dinner
(c) Read
(d) Meet the magazine's deadline

12. What show wants to hire one of the magazine's made up celebrities?
(a) The Simpsons
(b) Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
(c) The Dave Letterman Show
(d) The Real Show

13. What does Dave arrange to do with Sarah?
(a) Go to a bar
(b) Go to the zoo
(c) Have dinner
(d) Go to the cinema

14. Who threatens suicide in this chapter?
(a) Beth
(b) Meredith
(c) Sarah
(d) John

15. What girl from Dave's hometown does he mention in this chapter?
(a) Lauren
(b) Jackie
(c) Sarah
(d) Louise

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Dave when gets a call from Meredith?

2. Whose wedding did Dave attend only weeks before?

3. What does the answer to #118 threaten to use to kill himself?

4. What does Dave say he cannot imagine life without?

5. What people does Dave's magazine aim for?

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