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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dave eventually find his wallet?
(a) On top of the TV
(b) In the bathroom
(c) Under the couch
(d) On the dresser

2. What nationality is Toph's babysitter?
(a) German
(b) Irish
(c) Italian
(d) Scottish

3. What do Dave and Toph have sword fights with?
(a) Bread sticks
(b) Ladles
(c) Spoons
(d) Canes

4. What does the nurse suggest Dave uses to stop the bleeding?
(a) A cup of tea
(b) Ice
(c) A towel
(d) Chocolate

5. What is Dave's only income in this chapter?
(a) Toph's social security payments
(b) Part time work at a gas station
(c) Selling paintings
(d) Selling stories

6. What part of California do Dave's friends live in?
(a) Berkley
(b) Los Angeles
(c) Orange County
(d) San Francisco

7. What is Toph always added onto at the last minute?
(a) School trips
(b) The school sports teams
(c) Cub scout trips
(d) Adventure holidays

8. What do the kids help Dave do?
(a) Find a phone
(b) Search a bar
(c) Search the beach
(d) Find a policeman

9. What do Toph and Dave do in the evenings?
(a) Dance
(b) Sing karoke
(c) Play pool
(d) Watch videos

10. What does Dave's tragic story make him feel like?
(a) An adult
(b) A nobody
(c) A child
(d) A celebrity

11. Who does Dave eventually call in this chapter?
(a) Janice
(b) Meredith
(c) Joan
(d) Delia

12. Where do Dave and Beth sublet an apartment?
(a) Jefferson County
(b) Orange County
(c) Manhatten
(d) Berkeley

13. What does Beth talk her mother into doing?
(a) Leaving home
(b) Going to the hospital
(c) Sleep
(d) Going to work

14. Why is Toph always late for school?
(a) Dave oversleeps
(b) Dave and Toph argue every morning
(c) Dave is always caught in a traffic queue
(d) Toph oversleeps

15. What do the kids do when Dave calls the police?
(a) Runaway
(b) Pull a gun
(c) Tie him up
(d) Hit him

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Beth and Dave promise not to take their mother?

2. Why can Dave's mother's nose bleed be deadly?

3. What does Dave look for when he leaves the club?

4. How does Dave secure the apartment he wants to move into?

5. What kind of people are in the car Dave has to identify?

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