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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dave's mother suffer from?
(a) Diabetes
(b) Bowel cancer
(c) Stomach cancer
(d) Epilepsy

2. Why does Dave not go out at night?
(a) He wants to stay with Toph
(b) He is afraid of being beaten up
(c) He likes watching TV
(d) He wants to save

3. What does Dave get bored of saying?
(a) Tidy up your room
(b) Please and thank you
(c) Do your homework
(d) His story

4. Where does Meredith agree to meet Dave?
(a) Outside her apartment
(b) At a restaurant
(c) In Mexico
(d) At a bar

5. Where is Toph sleeping?
(a) On the kitchen floor
(b) In his bed
(c) On the couch
(d) On a rug

6. What does Dave think Toph worries about?
(a) Someone else in the family dying
(b) Losing Little League games
(c) Doing badly at school
(d) Dave leaving him

7. What does Dave imagine the baby sitter doing to Toph?
(a) Kidnapping him
(b) Selling him
(c) Murdering him
(d) Abusing him

8. What word best describes Dave's relationship with the older woman?
(a) Intense
(b) Casual
(c) Loving
(d) Serious

9. What do the kids help Dave do?
(a) Find a phone
(b) Find a policeman
(c) Search the beach
(d) Search a bar

10. How does Dave secure the apartment he wants to move into?
(a) He takes the landlord out for dinner
(b) He pays a year's rent up front
(c) He pays a large deposit
(d) He gives the landlord his watch

11. What does Dave feel it is important to show Toph in this chapter?
(a) Fun
(b) Love
(c) Competition
(d) Their homeland

12. What does Dave convince Toph to do in this section?
(a) Do his homework
(b) Tidy the house
(c) Paint the garden fence
(d) Help him cook

13. Who does Dave spend all of his time with in this chapter?
(a) Beth
(b) Kirsten
(c) Bill
(d) Toph

14. What do Toph and Dave do to the house in this chapter?
(a) Put in a new kitchen
(b) Lay down carpets
(c) Tidy it
(d) Repaint it

15. What is the name of Dave's sister?
(a) Beth
(b) Jody
(c) Joanne
(d) Lauren

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dave struggling to decide in this chapter?

2. What lie does Dave tell a female friend about Toph?

3. What do Dave and his sibling live off?

4. What do Dave and Toph have to rush to in this chapter?

5. Where is Dave's family home?

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