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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dave say stares at him during the Little League games?
(a) Toph
(b) The coach
(c) The parents
(d) The children

2. What kind of people are in the car Dave has to identify?
(a) Hispanic people
(b) Asian people
(c) White people
(d) African American people

3. What does Dave think Toph worries about?
(a) Losing Little League games
(b) Dave leaving him
(c) Doing badly at school
(d) Someone else in the family dying

4. What do Dave and Toph eat when they watch videos?
(a) Mints
(b) Popsicles
(c) Sandwiches
(d) Popcorn

5. What can Dave not convince Toph to do?
(a) Clean up
(b) Go to school
(c) Do his homework
(d) Move in with Beth

6. What is Dave's only income in this chapter?
(a) Selling stories
(b) Selling paintings
(c) Part time work at a gas station
(d) Toph's social security payments

7. Why do Dave and Toph have to rush to the school open house?
(a) Dave takes a nap
(b) They get stuck in traffic
(c) The car breaks down
(d) They get locked out of the house

8. Where is Toph sleeping?
(a) In his bed
(b) On a rug
(c) On the kitchen floor
(d) On the couch

9. Why does Dave not have a job?
(a) He is ill
(b) He was fired
(c) He has just graduated
(d) He is disabled

10. What does Dave resent in this chapter?
(a) Phoning social services every morning
(b) Taking Toph to school
(c) Looking after Toph
(d) Being the one with his parents' belongings

11. What do Beth and Dave think Toph is not ready for yet?
(a) Adult films
(b) A dog
(c) A babysitter
(d) University

12. What is Toph always added onto at the last minute?
(a) Adventure holidays
(b) School trips
(c) Cub scout trips
(d) The school sports teams

13. Where do Dave and Beth sublet an apartment?
(a) Manhatten
(b) Orange County
(c) Jefferson County
(d) Berkeley

14. Why can Dave's mother's nose bleed be deadly?
(a) Her blood count is low
(b) She can choke on the blood
(c) Her sugar count is low
(d) Ths bleeding lasts for hours

15. Where did Beth find Toph's babysitter?
(a) At her school
(b) At work
(c) In a cafe
(d) In the newspaper

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dave hold to his mother's nose?

2. What is the name of Dave's sister?

3. Where does Beth come back from in this chapter?

4. Why does Dave not go out at night?

5. How does Dave secure the apartment he wants to move into?

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