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Nancy Farmer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who likes Nhamo the most at Efifi?
(a) Baba Joseph.
(b) Mr. Heerden.
(c) Father Jasuka.
(d) Dr. Masuku.

2. What kind of tree does Nhamo find in a cave?
(a) Mulberry.
(b) Banana.
(c) Lucky Bean.
(d) Fig.

3. Why is Nhamo's hair shaved off after she attacks Van Heerdon?
(a) She is being punished.
(b) Demons get tangled in hair.
(c) They want to do a head scan.
(d) It is part of her repentance.

4. What time is Nhamo told to come back by her aunt?
(a) 7:00 pm.
(b) 4:00 pm.
(c) 5:00 pm.
(d) 6:00 pm.

5. What does Nhamo want to do after her possessions are ruined?
(a) Leave.
(b) Dry.
(c) Kill.
(d) Die.

6. What is Nhamo's father's surname?
(a) Jongwut.
(b) Jongwe.
(c) Jongkaw.
(d) Jonga.

7. Who chides Dr. Van Heerden for wanting to send Nhamo away?
(a) Nhamo.
(b) Dr. Ringer.
(c) Baba Joseph.
(d) Dr. Masuku.

8. What does the nganga give Nhamo to prove her parentage?
(a) A written letter of approval.
(b) Her father's birth certificate.
(c) A picture.
(d) Her parent's wedding license.

9. Where did Nhamo's grandfather make his fortune?
(a) In the steel mines.
(b) In the chrome mines.
(c) In the fishing business.
(d) In the research profession.

10. What two things does Nhamo try to be while at Efifi?
(a) Kind and open.
(b) Careful and respectful.
(c) Silent and loving.
(d) Invisible and helpful.

11. Who takes Nhamo to meet her family?
(a) Sister Gladys.
(b) Sister Mary.
(c) Sister Gina.
(d) Sister Martha.

12. What is the name of the cousin that Nhamo becomes close with after moving in with her father's family?
(a) Clutter.
(b) Clever.
(c) Calmly.
(d) Critter.

13. What does Nhamo do with the carcass she finds after leaving the cave?
(a) Takes some meat to smoke it.
(b) Prays over it.
(c) Buries it.
(d) Skins it.

14. What does the bright light Nhamo sees turn out to be?
(a) A house.
(b) A car.
(c) A star.
(d) A store.

15. What news does a haze tell Nhamo one day at Efifi?
(a) Grandmother is dead.
(b) She has honored her mother.
(c) Her father has passed on.
(d) Her family is waiting.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dr. Masuku want to send Nhamo to the city?

2. Where is Nhamo's father?

3. What does the farmer in Nhamo's story do to get back at the baboons?

4. What signals the beginning of the rainy season?

5. Who does Musuku want Nhamo to contact after her ceremony with Baba Joseph?

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