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Nancy Farmer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time is Nhamo told to come back by her aunt?
(a) 7:00 pm.
(b) 4:00 pm.
(c) 5:00 pm.
(d) 6:00 pm.

2. What is Efifi?
(a) A college.
(b) A hospital.
(c) A church.
(d) A science research center.

3. What kind of tree does Nhamo decide to camp by on the island?
(a) Bread fruit.
(b) Banana.
(c) Palm.
(d) Lucky bean.

4. Where does Nhamo get the idea to plug the holes in the boat?
(a) Her mother whispers to her.
(b) A memory of Crocodile Guts.
(c) Watching termites repair their nest.
(d) Watching sap drip.

5. Why do the baboons in Nhamo's play a prank on the farmer?
(a) The baboons want his hut.
(b) The farmer took their land.
(c) The baboons think he killed their leader.
(d) The farmer does not share his food.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nhamo feel when she is in the boat on her first day?

2. What did Princess Senwa do when her husband betrayed her?

3. Where does Nhamo stay during the storm?

4. What does Nhamo do when she finds a goat underground?

5. Who is the first person Nhamo sees when she wakes up?

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