Objects & Places from A Girl Named Disaster

Nancy Farmer
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This killed Nhamo's mother and is also a totem of Nhamo's family and of her father.

Crocodile Guts' boat

This is what Nhamo uses to escape her home before her forced marriage.

Nhamo's village

This is what Nhamo left when nobody cared for her but her grandmother.

The trading post

Here Nhamo discovers a bit of the world outside of her home.

The river

This is like a clever trickster, keeping Nhamo from reaching her father's family in the soonest possible way.

The small island

Food grows in abundance here and helps Nhamo stave off starvation.

The big island

Here, Nhamo learns that she is self-sufficient but she needs a community to take care of her emotional needs.


Here, Nhamo finds the odd assortment of people who become her true family.


This is the ancestral home of her father's family and the ultimate goal of...

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