A Girl Named Disaster Fun Activities

Nancy Farmer
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African Stories

There are many traditional African stories told in this book. Split the class into groups and assign each group one of these stories. Have each group create a children's book about the story and the moral.

Nhamo's Treasures

Have the students create a collage that represents Nhamo's treasures and their symbolic meaning.

African Lexicon

Have the students create dictionaries with all the African terms from this book and their meanings. Illustrations can be added to make it more appealing.

Muvuki Ceremony

Do some research and hold a ceremony like the one the muvuki was involved in. Have the students write about why they think the people were so responsive to this kind of ceremony.

Escape Plans

Have the students devise alternate ways that Nhamo could have used to escape her village and the arranged marriage.

Nhamo's Songs

Nhamo writes and sings a number of songs to...

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