A Girl Named Disaster Character Descriptions

Nancy Farmer
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This character's name means "disaster."

Aunt Chipo

When her sister dies, this character is forced to raise her niece, whom she does not like.


This character is good friends with her cousin and is seen as the perfect counterpart to her strange cousin.

Uncle Kufa

This character takes the advice to marry his niece to the brother of a dead man.

Grandmother or Ambuya

This character adores the main character and arranges for her to escape the village before she can be married away.

Aunt Shavai

This character dies from cholera after having a baby.


This character is the younger cousin of the main character who is also more praised than her older and orphaned cousin.


This character is a mix between a psychic and a witch doctor and is supposed to be able to determine if someone is a witch.


This character...

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