A Girl Named Disaster Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nancy Farmer
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• Nhamo is in a fig tree hiding from her aunt to avoid chores. She is found and sent to get mealies to grind for dinner.

• Nhamo's cousin, Masvita makes pots. Nhamo is jealous of her. Nhamo goes to see her grandmother who tells her a story.

• A King got jealous of the people worshiping Timbale, so he had his wife killed and made her skin into a drum. Mwari was angry, and hard work has been their lot ever since.

• Masvita is praised for her pots and given a drink while Nhamo is sent to gather firewood. Nhamo hates doing all the hard work.

• Nhamo does not mind getting firewood, because she can sneak away to her special spot.

• She has a tea party with her imaginary mother on a magazine cover. She talks to this cover as though it is real.

• Nhamo is terrified of...

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