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Short Answer Questions

1. How many causes of action does the plaintiff claim he has sustained?

2. What calls Oscar's play's first act superfluous, the last act untargeted, and the whole play void of purpose?

3. How does Christina respond when Harry cites the 1983 Carson v. Here's Johnny Portable Toilets?

4. What does Christina do when Oscar hints that Harry could handle the case?

5. Oscar is not sure he will walk again and has been assured by Kevin, Lily's lawyer; his scar is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the reader first meet Trish Hemsley?

2. What ends Oscar's play's character's, Thomas, dream of a life in public office?

3. When Mother refuses to leave her broken-down farmhouse, what is the reasoning she gives to Thomas?

4. What does Oscar do when Harold Basie arrives?

5. How does the official transcript of Oscar's deposition open?

6. What are news headlines, regarding Oscar's father? What do they mean for his father?

7. What happens in the next scene of Oscar's play?

8. Why is Trish suing to maintain support payments for her son?

9. What is the complaint that is filed by Oscar?

10. Why must Thomas go to Quantness in this part of the play?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lily has a lump in her breast.

Part 1) How does this affect her? What role does her lump play in her relationship with Oscar?

Part 2) What is this lump? What dose she do with this knowledge? Why?

Part 3) How will this news about her lump affect her life? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Racism is raised.

Part 1) What is the connection between racism and one of the story's themes?

Part 2) How does racism permeate both the story and Oscar's play? What is the reason for this?

Part 3) Racist comments are made. Why? How does this racism affect you as the reader? Why are you affected this way?

Essay Topic 3

There is a comparison between the dialogue of plays to action in films.

Part 1) Describe dialogue in the play. Describe action in the film.

Part 2) How are dialogue and action compared? Why are they compared?

Part 3) How is this comparison revealed when Oscar sees the movie? What are his thoughts on dialogue in a play and action in a film? Why does he feel this way?

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