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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oscar secretly have?
(a) No lawyers.
(b) A new law suit.
(c) A girlfriend.
(d) New lawyers.

2. Why will the state do nothing to help Oscar with his legal fees, according to Harry?
(a) The state does not have the money to help him.
(b) It is Oscar's responsibility to pay his fees.
(c) The law profession is self-regulating.
(d) Oscar is the one to have accumulated them.

3. Why does Oscar fail to notice Lily's new hairdo?
(a) Her hairdo is not very different.
(b) She is standing behind him.
(c) He is engrossed in a cartoon.
(d) He is asleep.

4. Why is Christina shocked that Oscar would waste time reading his play to this person?
(a) She thinks no one will want to produce his play.
(b) She thinks he should be pursuing his appeal.
(c) His play is horrible.
(d) She thinks he should give up on his play.

5. Why are the Judge's ashes in a coffee can?
(a) An urn would cost $100, which would infuriate the Judge.
(b) The funeral home ran out of urns.
(c) Father loved to drink coffee.
(d) No one wanted to pay for an urn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why had Harry, who had known this a few days, not told Oscar?

2. How does Bone describe Erebus?

3. What does J. Harret Ruth share with Senator Orney Bilk?

4. What does Christina insist about the movie's hero?

5. To what does the clerk compare the death of a great man?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oscar learn about Basie?

2. Why does Oscar want Christina to see the television?

3. How does Christina react when a real estate woman shows up at the house?

4. What does Oscar do when he is served a subpoena? What does Christina think about this?

5. What are Oscar's plans for his play?

6. What does Lily say when she goes to see Oscar?

7. What does Oscar plan to do with his play?

8. What is the only thing the papers have gotten right?

9. What might happen regarding the legal bills brought about from Oscars suit? Why is this?

10. What does Jerry think about religion?

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