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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Oscar's ordeal done to Christina and Harry's marriage?
(a) Strengthened it.
(b) Wrecked it.
(c) Brought them closer together.
(d) Made it somewhat more challenging.

2. Why will the state do nothing to help Oscar with his legal fees, according to Harry?
(a) The law profession is self-regulating.
(b) The state does not have the money to help him.
(c) It is Oscar's responsibility to pay his fees.
(d) Oscar is the one to have accumulated them.

3. Why is Deedee out $80,000?
(a) She has purchased a new foreign car.
(b) Someone has stolen her purse and used her credit cards.
(c) She over spent on her credit card.
(d) She had tried to save money by not carrying collision insurance on her Lamborghetti, so she is out that money after a truckload of drunks ran into it.

4. What is the right hand side of the story?
(a) There is no right hand side of Oscar's story.
(b) Thomas's trip north to take care of his uncle's property.
(c) Kane hounding Thomas about justice and moral rectitude leading him deeper into his dilemma, and Bagby blackmailing him for 4,000 years of Christian guilt.
(d) The runaway slave, the invisible man haunting Thomas (and the entire play).

5. What does Bone do next, in equal detail?
(a) Point out why the play is so brilliant.
(b) Describe how different the movie is.
(c) Describe the similarities between the play and the movie.
(d) Describe the movie.

Short Answer Questions

1. A copy of District Judge Crease's Instructions to the Jury in the case of Fickert v. Ude arrives in the mail. What are jurors told to do?

2. What does Christina insist about the movie's hero?

3. How does Bone describe Erebus?

4. What does Lily tell Oscar that her Daddy and Rev. Billy Joe are blaming her for?

5. How much is Father's estate worth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oscar learn about Basie?

2. What is the only thing the papers have gotten right?

3. Why do Christina and Lily find Oscar staring blankly in the library?

4. What are Lily, Harry, and Oscar watching?

5. What does Oscar do when he is served a subpoena? What does Christina think about this?

6. Why does Oscar want Christina to see the television?

7. How does Father uses religion in a court case?

8. What connection is made between Lily and the law clerk?

9. How are Harry and Oscar's situations with their fathers similar?

10. In what ways is the lower court correct? In what ways is Oscar correct?

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