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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the right hand side of the story?
(a) Thomas's trip north to take care of his uncle's property.
(b) The runaway slave, the invisible man haunting Thomas (and the entire play).
(c) There is no right hand side of Oscar's story.
(d) Kane hounding Thomas about justice and moral rectitude leading him deeper into his dilemma, and Bagby blackmailing him for 4,000 years of Christian guilt.

2. Why had Harry, who had known this a few days, not told Oscar?
(a) It gives him his only chance of overthrowing a negative verdict.
(b) He was hoping to find a better lawyer.
(c) It gives him time to think about how he feels about Basie.
(d) He was looking into Basie's past.

3. What does Oscar say when Christina tells him there will be no funeral?
(a) He agrees that it is probably for the best.
(b) He does not want to attend a funeral.
(c) He does not his father cremated.
(d) He insists it is his duty to provide a proper funeral.

4. What is Christina doing when Oscar and Lily find her on the phone with her vulture sisters-in-law?
(a) She is crying hysterically.
(b) She is telling her sisters-in-law to come over.
(c) She is warning them to keep their hands off everything in the apartment.
(d) She is giving advice to her sisters-in-law about Harry's funeral.

5. Why is Christina shocked that Oscar would waste time reading his play to this person?
(a) She thinks no one will want to produce his play.
(b) His play is horrible.
(c) She thinks he should give up on his play.
(d) She thinks he should be pursuing his appeal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Oscar tell Christina that Ilse is?

2. Who is the "Murderer" being burnt in effigy?

3. In the morning, about what does Oscar read?

4. How does Jerry want to change the character of Kane, which would also put Broadway audiences in Oscar's hands?

5. What does Bone do next, in equal detail?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Lily, Harry, and Oscar watching?

2. What are the connections between the play and the movie?

3. What does Oscar plan to do with his play?

4. What might happen regarding the legal bills brought about from Oscars suit? Why is this?

5. How are Harry and Oscar's situations with their fathers similar?

6. In what ways is the lower court correct? In what ways is Oscar correct?

7. Why do Christina and Lily find Oscar staring blankly in the library?

8. What does Christina do about Oscar's legal bills? Why does she do this?

9. What is learned about Lily's breasts?

10. What does Jerry think about religion?

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