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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Jonathan Livingston change his name to Constantine Kiester?
(a) After moving to Hollywood.
(b) After running for mayor.
(c) After grad school.
(d) After acting on Broadway.

2. With what does the official transcript of Oscar's deposition open?
(a) Basie and Jawaharlal Mahdar Pai, counsel for the defendants, sparring over expediting matters.
(b) Jawaharlal Mahdar Pai and Oscar are arguing in the hallway.
(c) Basie and Oscar and disagreeing on how to go about fighting Jawaharlal Mahdar Pai.
(d) Basie and Jawaharlal Mahdar Pai, counsel for the defendant, are in a minor disagreement.

3. Oscar seats a guest, Harold Basie, in Grandfather's chair and asks him to do what?
(a) Read Act 1, Scene 1.
(b) Tell him how he plans on winning Oscar's case against Kiester.
(c) Talk to him about his law career.
(d) Listen to Act 1, Scene 1.

4. Without insurance, what can Lily not do?
(a) Go to the dentist.
(b) Have her eyes examined.
(c) See a doctor.
(d) Buy a new car.

5. Why does Oscar say his play has never been performed?
(a) Broadway only wants "tits and ass."
(b) He has yet to complete it.
(c) Broadway was never big enough for him.
(d) He is too afraid to show it to a producer.

Short Answer Questions

1. The phone rings, and Trish leaves a rambling, disjointed message. What does she fear?

2. How does Christina irritate Oscar, when talking about the scene?

3. What does Lily declare about Oscar's play so far?

4. Why does Oscar demand a subpoena of Kiester's records?

5. What does this travel north end for Thomas?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are news headlines, regarding Oscar's father? What do they mean for his father?

2. What does Thomas recall about war in this scene?

3. How does Oscar become even more convinced the movie is based on his play? Of what does Harry warn him?

4. How does Oscar explain his accident?

5. Why is Trish suing to maintain support payments for her son?

6. What happens in the next scene of Oscar's play?

7. What ends Oscar's play's character's, Thomas, dream of a life in public office?

8. Why has Pai been having this discussion with Oscar? What does he want to know?

9. What takes place in Scene 2 of Oscar's play?

10. What does Oscar think of Basie? Why does he keep him around?

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