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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In more responsive hands, observes the Times, the characters of the movie might have reflected what?
(a) The characters of Oscar's play.
(b) The deeper opposing dualities of man's nature.
(c) The relationships between people.
(d) The seriousness of war.

2. How does Christina respond when Harry cites the 1983 Carson v. Here's Johnny Portable Toilets?
(a) She hopes Harry can have such an easy case.
(b) She laughs hysterically.
(c) She wishes Harry would find another career.
(d) She lashes out about a federal judge's time being consumed by such frivolity.

3. Why does Oscar include natural slavery in the play?
(a) Because it is believed by most people.
(b) Because the Major - not he - believes in it.
(c) Because he believes it.
(d) Because it is shocking.

4. What convinces Oscar the producer of "The Blood in the Red White and Blue," Kiester, has stolen the characters and themes of his play?
(a) The Times' review of the movie.
(b) When he sees the movie.
(c) After talking to the director about his film.
(d) Reading the script for the movie.

5. What does Pai say separates Oscar from Shakespeare?
(a) The average person, too, has access to such materials; and the way he and Shakespeare execute the ideas is what separates them.
(b) Shakespeare wrote in a time when there were no copyright laws.
(c) Many centuries.
(d) Talent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Harry and Christina lie naked amidst what?

2. Oscar agrees the title evokes the death scene at the end of what Shakespeare play?

3. To what does Pai direct Oscar's attention to that Oscar identifies as coming from Book 1 of Plato's Republic?

4. Why does Basie explain the complaint must conform to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?

5. Harry warns of the risk and cost of contesting what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the official transcript of Oscar's deposition open?

2. What is the rambling, disjointed message that Trish leaves for Christina?

3. What happens in the next scene of Oscar's play?

4. How and why does Basie interrupt the reading of the script?

5. What has Lily's lawyer told Oscar about his injuries?

6. Why has Pai been having this discussion with Oscar? What does he want to know?

7. What is wrong with Lily, when she enters the scene?

8. Where are Harry and Christina at the beginning of the story?

9. Why can Oscar not go to California, according to Christina? What are Basie and Oscar's plans, regarding this trip?

10. What does Lily do and say when she visits Oscar?

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