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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Oscar say Bagby's swindling differs from Pentagon operations?
(a) Only in scope (thousands vs. billions of dollars).
(b) The Pentagon is trustworthy, unlike Bagby.
(c) Bagby represents the Pentagon but from an earlier era.
(d) Bagby is more honest than the Pentagon.

2. Oscar agrees the title evokes the death scene at the end of what Shakespeare play?
(a) Hamlet.
(b) Othello.
(c) Twelfth Night.
(d) Romeo and Juliet.

3. Basie doubts Oscar has a case, but leaves doing what?
(a) Telling Oscar the case will be successful.
(b) Agreeing to view the movie, even without a copy of the play to compare.
(c) Agreeing to read Oscar's play and to see the movie.
(d) Charging Oscar for his time.

4. Of what does Thomas accuse his mother?
(a) Being too harsh on John Israel.
(b) Not being kind enough to all the slaves.
(c) Cherishing justice and easily relinquishing the past.
(d) Cherishing injustice and refusing to relinquish the past.

5. What does Thomas' mother refuse to leave?
(a) The broken-down farmhouse.
(b) The farm.
(c) The parlor.
(d) Her room.

6. Oscar has not seen the movie but has heard and read the hero has what, which can hardly be a coincidence?
(a) A sword.
(b) A birth mark.
(c) A horse.
(d) A facial scar.

7. What does Trish gush with joy over, besides Oscar now having someone to sue so he will be set for life?
(a) Getting invited to visit Oscar.
(b) Oscar's hospital room.
(c) How cute Christina's new dress is.
(d) Christina landing a lawyer for a husband.

8. What convinces Oscar the producer of "The Blood in the Red White and Blue," Kiester, has stolen the characters and themes of his play?
(a) The Times' review of the movie.
(b) When he sees the movie.
(c) After talking to the director about his film.
(d) Reading the script for the movie.

9. Courage, Kane states, is what?
(a) A brave way to live.
(b) A foolish waste of time.
(c) Only found in those who have suffered the effects of war.
(d) The wisdom to stand trial when we do not suspect it.

10. What does Lily declare about Oscar's play so far?
(a) It is brilliant.
(b) It is beautiful.
(c) It is spooky.
(d) It is somewhat odd.

11. What does Oscar fear about his house?
(a) That his father wants to sell it.
(b) That he will not be able to afford the mortgage.
(c) That his sister will want it.
(d) That is will need to be torn down.

12. About what does Oscar worry, regarding his hospital bill?
(a) When he will receive it.
(b) How much his insurance premium will be raised.
(c) For what he has been billed.
(d) How much his insurance will cover.

13. What does this travel north end for Thomas?
(a) His relationship with his family.
(b) His dream of a life in public office.
(c) His desire to return to the south.
(d) His life.

14. What does Oscar wonder about the movie's advertisement?
(a) If the scenes that resemble his play will be cut from the advertisments.
(b) If "based on a true story" is not an admission of guilt.
(c) How much the advertisements cost.
(d) If the producer is worried the movie will be a flop.

15. What has happened to Oscar?
(a) His meeting is running late.
(b) He has been run over by a car.
(c) He needed a root canal.
(d) He had to work late at work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Christina believe Trish could hardly seek an abortion in the hospital?

2. Why does Oscar say his play has never been performed?

3. Why is Christina upset with reporters?

4. In the play's prologue, Mother asks about what, regarding Thomas?

5. How do Harry and Christina find Oscar trapped?

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