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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Trish suing for support payments?
(a) Her ex is hiding out and saying he has no money.
(b) Her ex has taken custody of their child.
(c) Her ex has run away to France.
(d) Her ex has been murdered, leaving six paternity suits pending against his vast estate.

2. How many causes of action does the plaintiff claim he has sustained?
(a) Ten.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

3. Why does Christina believe Trish could hardly seek an abortion in the hospital?
(a) The clinic was closer to her home.
(b) She perennially helps finance it and is currently suing it for fetal endangerment.
(c) The hospital is very dirty.
(d) Hospitals are expensive.

4. When Oscar wonders how Kevin can describe his scar, what does Lily reveal?
(a) Kevin visited Oscar in the hospital.
(b) They ate dinner together last night, and watched a very bloody film.
(c) Lily described the scar to Kevin.
(d) She took photographs of Oscar's scar.

5. Thomas muses how the trees, rocks and ditches - all so casually ignored in peacetime - are what in battle?
(a) In the way of the soldiers.
(b) Bloody and twisted.
(c) Crucial to survival.
(d) Cruel and disfigured.

6. What does Oscar wonder about the movie's advertisement?
(a) If the producer is worried the movie will be a flop.
(b) If the scenes that resemble his play will be cut from the advertisments.
(c) How much the advertisements cost.
(d) If "based on a true story" is not an admission of guilt.

7. Bagby says the miners fear a drop in wages if the President does what?
(a) Breaks his promise and frees the slaves.
(b) Comes to visit.
(c) Does not free the slaves.
(d) Not make sure his economic reform policy is passed.

8. Basie doubts Oscar has a case, but leaves doing what?
(a) Agreeing to view the movie, even without a copy of the play to compare.
(b) Agreeing to read Oscar's play and to see the movie.
(c) Telling Oscar the case will be successful.
(d) Charging Oscar for his time.

9. When Harry calls Oscar, what advice does he give him?
(a) Call him if he needs anything.
(b) Give all the information he can.
(c) Tell the lawyers and judges everything.
(d) Relax, tell the truth, and not volunteer.

10. Who is Christina's schoolgirl friend?
(a) Lily.
(b) Harry.
(c) Isle.
(d) Trish.

11. In the 1930s, the yellow press ran stories about Grandfather doing what?
(a) Opening a secret dive bar during the days of Prohibition.
(b) Becoming a lawyer and finally a judge.
(c) Hiring substitutes in both the Union and Confederate armies who ended up killing one another
(d) Running for governor.

12. What does the plaintiff do with the play?
(a) He withdraws it from further circulation.
(b) He frames it in his home.
(c) He sends it to other producers.
(d) He destroys it.

13. How does Christina irritate Oscar, when talking about the scene?
(a) By calling the scene "in need of tweaking."
(b) By calling the scene "charming."
(c) By calling the scene "boring."
(d) By calling the scene "spooky."

14. Why can Lily not marry Oscar yet?
(a) She is waiting for a messy divorce to go through.
(b) He has not proposed.
(c) She is out of the country.
(d) She is too young.

15. Christina and Harry go to Room 612B and find Oscar upset. Over what is he upset?
(a) His insurance company is not covering most of his hospital bills.
(b) He has had very few visitors.
(c) His physical therapy is going longer than expected.
(d) News reports that Father is being burned in effigy in some riotous scene, and someone is already suing over a Civil War movie Oscar claims is his story about his grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Christina upset with reporters?

2. What does Oscar fear about his house?

3. Lily is distraught over Billie's death and what else?

4. With what does the official transcript of Oscar's deposition open?

5. Kiester serves notice of intent to examine Oscar in Los Angeles and demands what?

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