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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oscar state about his teaching career?
(a) He has taught American History at Lotusville Community College for 12 years, more as a hobby than as an occupation.
(b) He has taught American History at Lawrence North High School.
(c) He has taught European History at Lotusvill Community College.
(d) He has taught European History at Lawrence North High School.

2. Bagby says the miners fear a drop in wages if the President does what?
(a) Comes to visit.
(b) Does not free the slaves.
(c) Breaks his promise and frees the slaves.
(d) Not make sure his economic reform policy is passed.

3. What does Thomas' mother refuse to leave?
(a) The broken-down farmhouse.
(b) The farm.
(c) The parlor.
(d) Her room.

4. Kiester serves notice of intent to examine Oscar in Los Angeles and demands what?
(a) Copies of any evidence.
(b) Time to organize a defense team.
(c) His presence.
(d) His play.

5. About what does Oscar worry, regarding his hospital bill?
(a) For what he has been billed.
(b) How much his insurance premium will be raised.
(c) When he will receive it.
(d) How much his insurance will cover.

6. When Christina announces someone is taking pictures on the lawn, what does Oscar demand?
(a) They go out and enjoy the free photography.
(b) She drive them away.
(c) The cameras of the photographers.
(d) She call the police.

7. In more responsive hands, observes the Times, the characters of the movie might have reflected what?
(a) The characters of Oscar's play.
(b) The seriousness of war.
(c) The relationships between people.
(d) The deeper opposing dualities of man's nature.

8. Basie finds dialogue between Kane and Thomas about justice familiar, and Oscar says it is from what?
(a) Thomas Jefferson's autobiography.
(b) Plato's Republic.
(c) Shakespeare's Othello.
(d) Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

9. How does Mother reply when Thomas asks what she wants?
(a) Only to stay with her son.
(b) To move up north.
(c) Only to lay up treasures in heaven.
(d) To move onto a nice plantation.

10. In Scene 2 of the play,Thomas approaches a limping Soldier wearing a worn Union uniform. Called back to active duty, the Soldier seeks to sell four months' worth of future pay for what?
(a) Three months' worth of cash for his family.
(b) A train ticket to see his family.
(c) A drink of water.
(d) A week's worth of food.

11. Why does Oscar demand a subpoena of Kiester's records?
(a) To prove that the movie is based on his play.
(b) To annoy Kiester.
(c) To waste time.
(d) To prove the ad campaign is a last-minute attempt to poison the atmosphere over Szyrk.

12. How does Christina irritate Oscar, when talking about the scene?
(a) By calling the scene "spooky."
(b) By calling the scene "charming."
(c) By calling the scene "in need of tweaking."
(d) By calling the scene "boring."

13. What does Lily advise Oscar about the play?
(a) Burn it.
(b) Send it to a director and have it made into a movie.
(c) Produce a production of it on Broadway.
(d) Have someone read it who can understand it.

14. Who is Thomas?
(a) He is the Crease's next door neighbor.
(b) He is the hero and a born aristocrat in his thirties, dressed in a rumbled field uniform, bearing a battle scar that is evident but not disfiguring.
(c) He is the director of the Civil War movie.
(d) He is a figment of Oscar's imagination.

15. How many causes of action does the plaintiff claim he has sustained?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Ten.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bagby leaves, Thomas and Kane discuss what?

2. From whom does Christina read Oscar a letter?

3. What does Oscar fear about his house?

4. Courage, Kane states, is what?

5. Harry hopes once Szyrk is reversed, what will happen?

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