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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The insurance company, once willing to settle for $500 plus hospital bills, now wants what?
(a) Oscar's claims dismissed on the basis of No Fault.
(b) Oscar's claims to be reconsidered.
(c) To settle for more than $500.
(d) To settle for only $250.

2. When Harry calls Oscar, what advice does he give him?
(a) Give all the information he can.
(b) Relax, tell the truth, and not volunteer.
(c) Call him if he needs anything.
(d) Tell the lawyers and judges everything.

3. Why are Harry and Christina Lutz waiting for Oscar?
(a) He is at the dentist's office.
(b) He is in a meeting.
(c) He is to return from physical therapy.
(d) He is at work.

4. Harry and Christina lie naked amidst what?
(a) Piles of dirty laundry.
(b) The sheets on their bed.
(c) Empty wine bottles.
(d) Piles of newspapers.

5. In the play's prologue, Mother asks about what, regarding Thomas?
(a) His wound and heroism.
(b) His training.
(c) His education.
(d) His wife.

6. Basie remarks on the house's value. How does Oscar reply?
(a) Privacy is valuable in an era of tract homes.
(b) The house is very old and large.
(c) The house is really not worth much.
(d) The home has been in his family for generations.

7. What does Bunker say is Trish's duty?
(a) To get help for her defense.
(b) To give up on her court case.
(c) To stand up to the hordes intent on destroying civilization.
(d) To marry him.

8. When Bagby leaves, Thomas and Kane discuss what?
(a) The mutual enmity evident at Quantness.
(b) What to do about Bagby.
(c) How horrible a person Bagby is.
(d) How the plantation is running.

9. When Pai asks Oscar to read several passages and state whether he recognizes them, from where does Oscar acknowledge they come?
(a) Eugene O'Neill's dreary play, Mourning Becomes Electra.
(b) Gower Champions' musical, 42nd Street.
(c) Eugene O'Neill's play, Ah Wilderness.
(d) Kaufman and Hart's play, You Can't Take It With You.

10. What does Christina do when Oscar hints that Harry could handle the case?
(a) She says Harry is free to help.
(b) She snaps that Harry is exhausted and has no free time.
(c) She silently worries about Harry's health.
(d) She is thrilled to have Harry help her brother.

11. What kind of dog has Trish bought?
(a) A golden retriever.
(b) A lhasa apso.
(c) A collie.
(d) A poodle.

12. Why does Oscar demand a subpoena of Kiester's records?
(a) To prove the ad campaign is a last-minute attempt to poison the atmosphere over Szyrk.
(b) To prove that the movie is based on his play.
(c) To annoy Kiester.
(d) To waste time.

13. What does Trish gush with joy over, besides Oscar now having someone to sue so he will be set for life?
(a) Oscar's hospital room.
(b) Getting invited to visit Oscar.
(c) Christina landing a lawyer for a husband.
(d) How cute Christina's new dress is.

14. What has happened to Oscar?
(a) He had to work late at work.
(b) He needed a root canal.
(c) His meeting is running late.
(d) He has been run over by a car.

15. Why does Mother resent Thomas' marriage to Giulielma?
(a) He married her to control the plantation.
(b) He married her out of spite.
(c) He married her to escape his family.
(d) He married her for her money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Without insurance, what can Lily not do?

2. Oscar seats a guest, Harold Basie, in Grandfather's chair and asks him to do what?

3. Lily's brother, Bobbie, is buying what?

4. How does Mother reply when Thomas asks what she wants?

5. About what does Thomas still dream about first stepping onto Quantness?

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