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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since when has Oscar been feeling terminal?
(a) Ever since his accident.
(b) Ever since a man in black came offering him money to carry messages to the other side.
(c) Ever since his physical therapy began.
(d) Ever since that morning.

2. The Major makes an aside to Kane about what, regarding Israel?
(a) Educating a slave to read and carve wood like Israel is an invitation to trouble. K
(b) Israel will never get caught.
(c) All slaves should be educated.
(d) Israel would be a powerful ally to have against Thomas.

3. In the 1930s, the yellow press ran stories about Grandfather doing what?
(a) Becoming a lawyer and finally a judge.
(b) Running for governor.
(c) Hiring substitutes in both the Union and Confederate armies who ended up killing one another
(d) Opening a secret dive bar during the days of Prohibition.

4. Why does Oscar say his play has never been performed?
(a) Broadway was never big enough for him.
(b) He has yet to complete it.
(c) He is too afraid to show it to a producer.
(d) Broadway only wants "tits and ass."

5. The insurance company, once willing to settle for $500 plus hospital bills, now wants what?
(a) To settle for only $250.
(b) Oscar's claims to be reconsidered.
(c) Oscar's claims dismissed on the basis of No Fault.
(d) To settle for more than $500.

6. Why is Christina upset with reporters?
(a) She is tired of answering questions and posing for pictures.
(b) She is afraid they will break into the house.
(c) They are ruining the grass in the front yard.
(d) They are hunting for signs of heavy drinking and smoking, sacrilege and family insanity.

7. When Christina announces someone is taking pictures on the lawn, what does Oscar demand?
(a) They go out and enjoy the free photography.
(b) She call the police.
(c) She drive them away.
(d) The cameras of the photographers.

8. Pai suggests that if such contention continues, he will move the hearing before whom?
(a) A stipendiary magistrate.
(b) A state magistrate.
(c) A federal magistrate.
(d) A community magistrate.

9. What does Harry advise Oscar regarding history?
(a) One should not make a play about it.
(b) One cannot copyright it.
(c) It is boring.
(d) It cannot be repeated.

10. Bringing Oscar groceries, what does Christina tell Harry about Lily?
(a) Pushing Oscar to use her new divorce lawyer to file a $1.5 million injury suit.
(b) She complains all the time and will not leave Oscar alone.
(c) That Oscar and Lily are now a couple, even though she is not officially divorced.
(d) She is annoying and in the way.

11. Why does Oscar demand a subpoena of Kiester's records?
(a) To prove that the movie is based on his play.
(b) To prove the ad campaign is a last-minute attempt to poison the atmosphere over Szyrk.
(c) To annoy Kiester.
(d) To waste time.

12. When does the Soldier take Thomas' $20?
(a) When Thomas makes clear it is a free gift.
(b) When Thomas forces him to take it.
(c) When Thomas is not looking.
(d) When Thomas falls asleep.

13. Basie doubts Oscar has a case, but leaves doing what?
(a) Telling Oscar the case will be successful.
(b) Charging Oscar for his time.
(c) Agreeing to view the movie, even without a copy of the play to compare.
(d) Agreeing to read Oscar's play and to see the movie.

14. Why are Harry and Christina Lutz waiting for Oscar?
(a) He is to return from physical therapy.
(b) He is at the dentist's office.
(c) He is at work.
(d) He is in a meeting.

15. What does Pai say separates Oscar from Shakespeare?
(a) The average person, too, has access to such materials; and the way he and Shakespeare execute the ideas is what separates them.
(b) Talent.
(c) Many centuries.
(d) Shakespeare wrote in a time when there were no copyright laws.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can Lily not marry Oscar yet?

2. How does Oscar say Bagby's swindling differs from Pentagon operations?

3. What has happened to Oscar?

4. Why does James B. file a suit?

5. The defendants are enjoined to halt exhibition until when?

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