A Frolic of His Own Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where are Harry and Christina at the beginning of the story?

Harry and Christina Lutz argue in a hospital waiting room, waiting for her stepbrother, Oscar L. Crease, to return from physical therapy. Oscar has been run over by a car.

2. How does the reader first meet Trish Hemsley?

Trish Hemsley, stepping off an elevator, colliding with a nurse carrying blood samples, fumes about her wardrobe being contaminated. Christina approaches her schoolgirl friend. Trish gushes with joy over Oscar now having someone to sue so he will be set for life, and also about Christina landing a lawyer for a husband. Trish would hate to sue this hospital, for which she organizes benefits, and is sorry that Christina's father is being splashed around the papers over that dog story.

3. How does Oscar explain his accident?

Oscar explains how he has been run over while hot wiring his car from the front so as to avoid standing in a puddle.

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