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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8 (through page 235).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Christina do when Oscar hints that Harry could handle the case?
(a) She says Harry is free to help.
(b) She snaps that Harry is exhausted and has no free time.
(c) She is thrilled to have Harry help her brother.
(d) She silently worries about Harry's health.

2. How does Christina respond when Harry cites the 1983 Carson v. Here's Johnny Portable Toilets?
(a) She laughs hysterically.
(b) She hopes Harry can have such an easy case.
(c) She wishes Harry would find another career.
(d) She lashes out about a federal judge's time being consumed by such frivolity.

3. Why must Thomas go to Quantness?
(a) To deal with his two slaves.
(b) To see his wife.
(c) To plant cotton.
(d) To pay the bills.

4. When Oscar admits at least one instance of two substitutes fighting and killing one another exists, how does Pai respond?
(a) He realizes the movie was inspired by Oscar's play.
(b) He takes this as a quirk of history.
(c) He does not believe Oscar.
(d) He sees this as proof that the movie does not copy the play.

5. Bagby says the miners fear a drop in wages if the President does what?
(a) Not make sure his economic reform policy is passed.
(b) Does not free the slaves.
(c) Comes to visit.
(d) Breaks his promise and frees the slaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kiester serves notice of intent to examine Oscar in Los Angeles and demands what?

2. What has happened to Oscar?

3. Lily's brother, Bobbie, is buying what?

4. Who is Christina's schoolgirl friend?

5. Why does James B. file a suit?

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