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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5 (through page 128).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Oscar worry, regarding his hospital bill?
(a) How much his insurance premium will be raised.
(b) For what he has been billed.
(c) How much his insurance will cover.
(d) When he will receive it.

2. What has John Israel done?
(a) Talked back to Thomas.
(b) Run away.
(c) Shot himself.
(d) Freed the other slaves.

3. Lily's brother, Bobbie, is buying what?
(a) A house.
(b) A Porsche.
(c) A BMW.
(d) A yacht.

4. Today's newspaper implicates what about the producer, Kiester?
(a) He is an award-winning producer.
(b) He had used Oscar's script to create his movie.
(c) He adopted deceptive practices in making his previous blockbuster, Uburubu.
(d) The Civil War film is his first.

5. Without insurance, what can Lily not do?
(a) Go to the dentist.
(b) See a doctor.
(c) Have her eyes examined.
(d) Buy a new car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Basie doubts Oscar has a case, but leaves doing what?

2. In the 1930s, the yellow press ran stories about Grandfather doing what?

3. When Oscar wonders how Kevin can describe his scar, what does Lily reveal?

4. Of what does Thomas accuse his mother?

5. What convinces Oscar the producer of "The Blood in the Red White and Blue," Kiester, has stolen the characters and themes of his play?

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