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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3 (through page 74).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Harry and Christina Lutz waiting for Oscar?
(a) He is to return from physical therapy.
(b) He is at work.
(c) He is at the dentist's office.
(d) He is in a meeting.

2. What forces Thomas to go north to prevent the Union government from seizing everything?
(a) His uncle's death.
(b) His ill wife.
(c) His dying sister.
(d) His mother's death.

3. Why can Lily not marry Oscar yet?
(a) He has not proposed.
(b) She is out of the country.
(c) She is too young.
(d) She is waiting for a messy divorce to go through.

4. How do Harry and Christina find Oscar trapped?
(a) In his bedroom screaming for help.
(b) Outside the house without his keys.
(c) In his car with the doors locked.
(d) In his new wheelchair and complaining about his new maid.

5. From whom does Christina read Oscar a letter?
(a) Harry Lutz.
(b) Judge Crease.
(c) Harold Basie.
(d) John Knize.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lily advise Oscar about the play?

2. Of what does Thomas accuse his mother?

3. Christina and Harry go to Room 612B and find Oscar upset. Over what is he upset?

4. Why must Thomas go to Quantness?

5. Oscar is not sure he will walk again and has been assured by Kevin, Lily's lawyer; his scar is what?

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