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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15 (through page 430).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bagby leaves, Thomas and Kane discuss what?
(a) What to do about Bagby.
(b) How the plantation is running.
(c) The mutual enmity evident at Quantness.
(d) How horrible a person Bagby is.

2. What does Christina do when she finds Oscar engrossed in a nature program?
(a) She criticizes his odd tastes.
(b) She sits down to enjoy the show as well.
(c) She asks him what he is watching.
(d) She turns off the television.

3. What does Oscar wonder about the movie's advertisement?
(a) How much the advertisements cost.
(b) If the scenes that resemble his play will be cut from the advertisments.
(c) If "based on a true story" is not an admission of guilt.
(d) If the producer is worried the movie will be a flop.

4. What does Oscar do when the battery in his wheelchair dies?
(a) He begins walking.
(b) He buys a new one.
(c) He cries.
(d) He sits and complains.

5. Courage, Kane states, is what?
(a) A brave way to live.
(b) Only found in those who have suffered the effects of war.
(c) A foolish waste of time.
(d) The wisdom to stand trial when we do not suspect it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does J. Harret Ruth share with Senator Orney Bilk?

2. Basie says a newspaper report has raised hopes in Oscar's case, provided what?

3. Who is the stooped old man Lily saw walking past the window as she drove up?

4. Oscar has not seen the movie but has heard and read the hero has what, which can hardly be a coincidence?

5. While the plaintiff's play script is indisputably protected, what would not constitute copyright infringement?

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