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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6 (through page 156).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Basie remarks on the house's value. How does Oscar reply?
(a) The home has been in his family for generations.
(b) The house is very old and large.
(c) Privacy is valuable in an era of tract homes.
(d) The house is really not worth much.

2. Harry warns of the risk and cost of contesting what?
(a) No Fault.
(b) Insanity.
(c) Guilty.
(d) Lack of Capacity.

3. Sitting with Basie, waiting for Oscar to finish physical therapy, Christina knows Oscar considers Basie as what?
(a) A good and trustworthy man.
(b) Little better than a distracted delivery boy.
(c) A great friend and terrific lawyer.
(d) An intelligent and gifted lawyer.

4. In more responsive hands, observes the Times, the characters of the movie might have reflected what?
(a) The deeper opposing dualities of man's nature.
(b) The characters of Oscar's play.
(c) The seriousness of war.
(d) The relationships between people.

5. Using only the newspapers of the day, what is Oscar showing?
(a) His play is worthy of being made into a film.
(b) The blossoming of greed and corruption that will create modern America.
(c) The movie is an exact making of his play.
(d) His father will never care about him, unless he becomes famous with his play.

Short Answer Questions

1. William longs to fight in the war, which Thomas says what?

2. When Thomas recalls viewing his opponent and himself, how does he see them?

3. Why must Thomas go to Quantness?

4. What does Thomas' mother refuse to leave?

5. What does Lily advise Oscar about the play?

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