A Frolic of His Own Character Descriptions

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Oscar Crease

The novels' protagonist is a stubborn, argumentative, and paranoid college teacher, writer, lecturer and legal devote.

Thomas L. Crease

This character is the protagonist's 90-year-old courtly father, still serving on the federal bench and looking for promotion to the circuit court. This character issues an unpopular opinion in the case of "Szyrk v. Village of Tatamount et al," has it overturned and is assigned a second round of litigation, which ends in his overturning a jury verdict and being burned in effigy.

Christina (Teen) Crease Lutz

This character recently married a prominent, overworked lawyer. She shares Oscar's penchant for half listening and interrupting others.

Harry Lutz

This overworked, meticulous corporate lawyer objects to people making a mess of things and expecting to be rescued. He practices corporate law at Swyne & Dour, because everyone knows it is all about money.

Harold Basie

This character is the coffee-drinking...

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