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Section 1 (through page 38)

• Harry and Christina Lutz argue in a hospital waiting room, waiting for her stepbrother, Oscar L. Crease, to return from physical therapy after being hit by a car; Harry has brought him a legal opinion to read and an ad for a new Civil War movie, but Christina says it is bad timing on both.

• Young Lily, who is waiting for a messy divorce to go through so she can marry Oscar, who pays for her lawyers.

• Trish Hemsley, Christina's schoolgirl friend, comes to visit as well; she is happy he has someone to sue to be set for life.

• Christina and Harry go to Room 612B and find Oscar upset over several news reports regarding his father and a Civil War movie suit; Harry, a lawyer, tries to give Oscar advice.
• Christina leaves as Lily arrives, in need of more financial support; Oscar worries...

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