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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26 through 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who argues that Spiders don't need to go through a Dark in order to have a soul in the debate in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Director Ann Reynolt.
(b) Thomas Nau.
(c) Sherkaner.
(d) Ezr Vinh.

2. What word means to take advantage of (a person, situation, etc.), especially unethically or unjustly for one's own ends?
(a) Exploit.
(b) Enslave.
(c) Employ.
(d) Engage.

3. Who feels ashamed of his attack on Qiwi in Chapter Twenty-Six?
(a) Benny Wen.
(b) Thomas Nau.
(c) Jimmy Diem.
(d) Ezr Vinh.

4. Where is Sherkaner headed in Chapter Four?
(a) Space Command.
(b) Lands Command.
(c) Air Command.
(d) Waters Command.

5. Who is caught eavesdropping and sent away before she can hear more of her parents' argument in Chapter Twenty-Five?
(a) Pedure.
(b) Victory Junior.
(c) Trud.
(d) Gokna.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the Qeng Ho operating with less technology than usual in Chapter Ten?

2. Emergent managers induce obsession with a single idea or specialty, which they call what in the novel?

3. What redheaded female is a member of the Emergents and is among those who have been focused?

4. In Chapter Nine, Thomas Nau points out the progress being made on an operation to mine what?

5. Some of the Qeng Ho people are reportedly being held hostage above a ship called what in Chapter Ten?

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