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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 44 through 66.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the head of the Emergents' expedition and is a man whose greed makes him oblivious to everything else?
(a) Hrunkner Unnerby.
(b) Victory Smith.
(c) Thomas Nau.
(d) Ann Reynolt.

2. In Chapter Thirty-Four, Ezr sees Qiwi and realizes that she's grown into what?
(a) A Spider.
(b) A vicious monarch.
(c) A beautiful woman.
(d) An evil matriarch.

3. In Chapter Thirty-Four, Ezr comes off his coldsleep period earlier than he'd expected and goes to whose bar?
(a) Pham Nuwen's.
(b) Qiwi Lisolet's.
(c) Gonle Fong's.
(d) Benny Wen's.

4. What is the true identity of Pham Trilini?
(a) Benny Wen.
(b) Qiwi Lisolet.
(c) Ritsel Brughel.
(d) Pham Nuwen.

5. In Chapter Twenty-One, Qiwi discovers that Ezr is going to be in cold sleep for how long?
(a) 2 years.
(b) 6 years.
(c) 4 years.
(d) 10 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What woman is missing, and the explanation is that she died during cold sleep when her container failed in Chapter Twenty-One?

2. In Chapter Fifteen, there's a meeting in which who learns that one of the men focused on a particular project has become so caught up in the technicalities that he is no longer making progress?

3. In Chapter Fifty-Eight, Pham has whose help in accomplishing his next goal?

4. What group in the novel is domineering and can't imagine establishing relationships based on anything other than enforced slavery?

5. In Chapter Thirty, who learns that those listening to Spider broadcasts have discovered where the children are being held, even though the Spiders themselves are unable to figure it out?

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