A Deepness in the Sky Character Descriptions

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Sherkaner Underhill

This Spider is something of a dreamer and has many great ideas about research to be used by the military. He marries a young general, and the two have six out-of-phase children.

Pham Nuwen

This Programmer-at-Arms of the Qeng Ho is seen as a bumbling old man who has few responsibilities and little skill or talent.

Qiwi Linsolet

This member of the Qeng Ho is only eight when the group sets out for the On/Off Star and is fourteen when they arrive.

Trixia Bronsol

This member of the Qent Ho is a linguistics expert and her task as one of the focused is to learn all she can about the Spiders.

Ezr Vinh

This member of a family that owns interest in the Qeng Ho expedition to Arachna is young and is working as an apprentice Trader when the ships reach Arachna.

Director Ann Reynolt

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