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Chapters 1 through 8

• The story opens during an elaborate dinner hosted by the Emergents, one of two groups who have arrived at the planet Arachna at almost the same time.

• The other group is the Qeng Ho and they are interested in establishing a trading relationship with the inhabitants of the planet.

• The Qeng Ho leader, Captain Park, Emergent leader Thomas Nau and Director Reynolt are discussing the fact that the Qeng Ho and Emergents arrived at the planet at the same time.

• Trixia Bonsol, a linguistics expert, predicts that the Emergents plan to force the planet inhabitants into servitude and urges Ezr to talk to Captain Park about her fears.
• In Chapter Two, Ezr encounters a girl he calls "The Brat," whose name is Qiwi Lin Lisolet; she is younger than anyone else on the ship and her parents are both working for the fleet.

• Ezr is summoned...

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