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Short Answer Questions

1. What are Papa and Robert unable to do on this morning?

2. What is the name of Mr. Tanner's boar?

3. What does Robert do at the death of Pinky?

4. What does the Widow Bascom ask Robert to help her with?

5. What is the behavior that has angered Aunt Carrie?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Robert show his forgiveness toward his father for slaughtering Pinky?

2. On what topic must Robert remind himself not to be too greedy?

3. Why does Mama send Robert out to hunt for a gray squirrel?

4. What is the scenario of Robert's return from the fair?

5. How does Papa react to Robert's maturity over giving up Pinky for the welfare of the family?

6. What does Robert hear his mother and aunt discussing in Chapter 9?

7. What is Robert's reaction to the weaseling?

8. How does Robert like the experience of showing Mr. Tanner's oxen?

9. What does it mean to "weasel" a dog?

10. What good news does Robert get in Chapter 9?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Papa at first does not want Robert to accept the gift of the piglet because it is a "frill." Explain what a frill is and why Papa would be so opposed to Robert's acquisition of one.

Essay Topic 2

When Robert is denied the opportunity to watch Abner Doubleday, the reputed father of baseball, his exclusion from the outside world becomes very clear. Explain why Robert is denied the chance to go to the game. Why is the game counter to what Papa thinks is good for Robert?

Essay Topic 3

Although the Peck family lives at the poverty level, Papa tries to instill in Robert the riches of the earth that are available to him. Cite three examples where Robert tries to adopt Papa's theory of "wealth" and provide support for your answers.

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