A Day No Pigs Would Die Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Robert not in school on the day of his adventure with the cow?

Robert tells us he should have been in school the day of his adventure with the cow. He starts the day in school but he angrily takes off when a fellow student teases him about his plain clothes during recess.

2. What is different about Robert's clothes?

Robert wears clothes that are made of plain cloth and sewn at home by his mother because of his Shaker beliefs.

3. What does Robert encounter when he wanders after leaving school?

As Robert wanders, he hears an anguished noise and turns to find his neighbor's cow out in the fields in labor but unable to deliver her calf.

4. How is Robert injured in his encounter with the cow?

Lacking a rope to haul the calf out, Robert stops and removes his pants to tie around the calf's head. Just then, Apron takes off running, hauling Robert behind her with his "own bare butt and privates catching a thorn with every step." Despite the pain, Robert sticks with Apron.

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