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Apron the Cow

This animal sets up the reader's understanding of Robert's character and the important receipt of his pet.

Pinky's Corncrib Home

This takes a lot of labor and preparation to set it up, but Robert and his father stick to it until it's done.

The Pecks' Home

Most of this story takes place here.

Rutland County Fair

Robert experiences the wider world for the first time here.

Weaseling the Dog

The incident with this animal is one of Robert's first departures from common practice.

Papa's Tools

At the end of the story, Robert sees nobility and beauty in these as they are made golden by his father's hard work.

The Coffin

This is lowered into the ground by ropes, which are then removed, partly from religious tradition and partly for the practical use they will receive later.

Samson the Boar

When Robert actually sees this animal...

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