A Day No Pigs Would Die Character Descriptions

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Robert Peck

This is the main character of the novel, the one in whose voice the story is told.

Haven Peck

This person is an important part of his community because he slaughters the pigs necessary for protein in the small religious community's economy.


This person cooks for the family, provides comfort and encouragement, and does her part in the care of the home.

Mr. and Mrs. Tanner

They are close neighbors to the Pecks and provide one of Robert's first windows to the outside world.

Aunt Mattie

This person is a schoolteacher and cannot abide a low grade in English on Robert's report card since English is her subject.


This is Robert's pet pig.

Aunt Carrie

This is Robert's maiden aunt, an elderly woman who lives in his home.

Widow Bascom and the Handyman

Mama and Papa agree that they are probably much happier together...

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