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Chapter 1

• Robert angrily leaves school when a classmate teases him about his plain clothes.

• Robert wanders the countryside and happens upon a cow having difficulty delivering a calf.

• Robert attempts to help the cow by removing his pants to tie around the calf's head to help pull it out.

• The cow revolts and runs away taking Robert with her.

• Finally the cow stops and Robert beats the cow with a big stick until the calf is delivered.
• Robert realizes that the cow is having difficulty breathing and tries to retrieve a goiter from her neck.

• The cow bites Robert and then kicks him until he passes out from the pain.

Chapter 2

• Robert comes to at home and is being tended to by his parents.

• Robert apologizes for missing school and asks his parents to tell the farmer about the baby calf in the field.

• Papa is somewhat cross...

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